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Where is the Motivation?

Posted by CGibson on May 26, 2010

There’s a lot of planning and multitasking involved before a 5-week journey to India. Packing, shopping, reading.

I’m gathering and reading a growing assortment of books  that will hopefully support my research on reading motivation strategies classroom teachers can use in the upper grades.

There is a plethora of evidence that support the importance of reading motivation activities. There’s a tall pile of books on my night-stand to prove that.  What’s even more striking is that there are many great how-to books and professional articles about how to  get our older students motivated to READ.

So I ask: Where is the motivation? Why aren’t more classroom teachers practicing reading motivation strategies?


Now I’m wondering…and asking myself all sorts of questions.

Are teachers too busy?

Is there not enough time allotted for reading motivation strategies?

Are teachers not aware of the strategies? 

Perhaps  reading motivation is not being taught in college? 

Maybe teachers don’t think it’s effective?

What do you think? I would certainly appreciate your feedback and observations.  


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