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It’s time to get comfortable with the UNcomfortable

Posted by CGibson on June 24, 2012

      I have a confession: The only reason why I smuggled this book from Library Room 401 on Friday was because I needed  to read something for a long subway ride, and this particular book was small and thin enough to stash in my purse. 
      I was NOT disappointed! Richard Peck’s Fair Weather takes place in Chicago, during the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Chicago denizen Aunt Euterpe invites here sister’s family to visit this magnificent Fair. What makes this story a real charmer is that Aunt Euterpe’s relations live in rural Illinois and have never seen anything outside their small farm community. 
      Rosie Beckett is the 13 year-old narrator who spins a hilariously heart-warming account of how her, her older sister, rascal young brother, and unconventional Grandpa’s lives are turned upside down while in big-city Chicago.
      “But why is she blogging about this book?”, you wonder. 
       You see, I am not going to be the librarian here at MS80x next year. A number of veteran teachers and I were unceremoniously given our Walking Papers. Thanks for your services. We don’t need you anymore.
To make a long story short, I will be teaching in another school  come September. I just don’t know where yet. 
      So back to this book.
      Narrator Rosie Beckett and her family were hurled from their comfortable country surroundings into big-city Chicago. Everything they see, smell,  hear, eat, and do is strange and or novel.  But what an adventure! As Peck writes in the opening line: “It was the last day of our old lives, and we didn’t even know it.”
      So I’m ready for my next adventure, wherever it may be. 
Stay tuned.

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