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TEDxNYED and getting lost in Queens

Posted by CGibson on April 28, 2012

This morning I took a long subway ride to Astoria Queens to attend my very first TEDx event. I live and work in the Bronx and don’t like driving to Queens. I don’t understand Queens. This is a place where 35th Avenue will intersect with 35th Street, but that’s a whole other post.

When I emerged from the underground train station at the Steinway Street station, I used the handy Google map on my iPhone to walk, very confidently, straight to the fabulous Museum of the Moving Image. I get inside with my paperless ticket. I’m feeling very geeky and modern.

The guest speakers shared with us, in TED fashion, their “ideas worth spreading”.  I’m talking about big juicy ideas that make me go home and ponder and reflect just what I’m trying to accomplish as an educator.

Today I jotted down a lot of cool ideas. One idea I grabbed from Jose Luis Vilson’s presentation is the notion that teachers are students. I’ve heard this mentioned many times by other educators in my PLN. I love the idea of teachers being life-long learners. But it’s not enough to just embrace life-long learning. I like to remind my students that I’m learning stuff WITH THEM. It’s more fun and interesting to be the Lead Learner when working with my students. When I don’t know something (which is most of the time), I model how we collaborate, problem-solve, share, communicate, and reflect on our learning. Our students need to see and practice how it’s okay to disagree, make mistakes, and then learn from our mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, my iPhone died early in the afternoon. Too much sharing on Twitter and Face Book. After lunch I had to leave early (I swiped an extra chocolate chip brownie). My beloved iPhone was dead, and I had no idea how to find the subway station at Steinway Street.

Yep. I got lost. Seriously lost. I wandered around for almost 40 minutes looking for the subway station. Good thing I fortified myself with that extra chocolate chip brownie to fuel my meandering. If you want to see all the good stuff from today’s TEDx event, check out on Twitter #TEDxNYED.


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