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It’s time to go paperless already!

Posted by CGibson on May 31, 2011

“How many times do I have to tell you to click the PRINT button just once?!”

This is my (screeching)  mantra at the end of each school year.

My students come to the library to research, write, and the PRINT their research papers.

Today one particularly impatient young lady  printed out almost an entire ream because she thought the printer wasn’t working.


No, this is not about resetting the printers so that I can control what gets printed and when. I don’t have time for that. I’m a librarian, not a photocopy clerk.

I already know how to go paperless. I AM paperless. I love my Google Docs and my notepad app on my iPhone. The only paper you’ll find in my purse is gum wrapper.

What I need to do is learn how to sell this paperless idea to my staff.  This summer I’m going to figure out how to sell this to my already stressed-out and over-worked teachers.  I welcome any advice from my readers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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