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VoiceThread in School

Posted by CGibson on August 29, 2010

I’ve FINALLY gotten around to play with VoiceThread (yes I know I am slow). I resisted at first because it’s hard to keep up with this ever-changing technology.  

VoiceThread is a place where teachers can create and share group conversations (think  teacher:students, teacher:teachers) in one place and share anywhere in the world.

The beauty of VoiceThread is its collaborative nature:  You can upload a multimedia slide show of images, videos, and documents. Your slide show allows people (students and other teachers) to interact and leave comments. Comments can be voice, text, audio file, or a video.  Worried about inappropriate comments? No problem, you can set up comment moderation so you can screen all comments.  

Right now I’m taking tiny baby steps and developing my very first VoiceThread. It will be about how social studies teachers can upload Native American primary source documents from the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

Stay tuned.


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