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That “Biblioburro” Man

Posted by CGibson on March 25, 2010

As a  21-year veteran teacher here in the Bronx, I’ve seen just about everything. To be honest, very few things move me anymore.  But a few months ago I read a story in the New York Times about Luis Soriano, aka the Biblioburro Man. This story stuck in my brain. And then I saw the story  again on CNN Heroes.

In rural Magdalena, Colombia, Luis Soriano, a teacher, will ride long distances on his two donkeys to share his passion for books, education, and literacy. He does this on his free time, after he finishes teaching. He targets children who live in remote villages. The villages are so remote there are no teachers.

I quote  Soriano from the CNN article:

“For us teachers, it’s an educational triumph, and for the parents [it’s] a great satisfaction when a child learns how to read. That’s how a community changes and the child becomes a good citizen and a useful person,” Soriano said. “Literature is how we connect them with the world.”

If you haven’t already, go  read the article for yourself.  It’s worth the two  minutes of your time.  I can only wish to muster up some of that passion in myself. After all, I’m just a middle school librarian. 😉


2 Responses to “That “Biblioburro” Man”

  1. Ronnica said

    Wow…definitely puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? I so easily take for granted the opportunities for education that I’ve had.
    Hi Ronnica,
    Yes, His commitment and vision inspires me to try a little harder as a library teacher.
    Thanks you for your comment.

  2. Julie said

    Total strangers make an impact don’t they? Yet how do we put into effect what we learn from this very short interaction? That is the challenge, to take the inspirational an put it to work on the footpath of our own street, around the corner, in our own life. Maybe, as you indicate, by never becoming “comfortable” and “content”. I am still searching …
    Hi Julie,
    What a pleasant surprise to find you here!
    Yes, the real challenge lies in putting into effect the inspiration I get from others. Rhetoric and theory is easy. Action requires nerve and strength…
    Thank you for popping by this “other” blog.
    This is the blog where I will be sharing my “rhetoric and theory” (ack) as I conduct my research in India in July. Hope you will check back later.

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