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What did YOU read for the holidays?

Posted by CGibson on January 3, 2010

Last week I enjoyed a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Before the trip, I packed some reading material.

photo of my holiday reading

As you can see, I enjoyed an assortment of lurid tabloids, a cool novel, and a couple of magazines.  It’s like potato chips for the brain. Light reading is yummy, satisfying, yet not good for you when consumed in massive quantities.    

I had fun. The reading was self-directed and enjoyable. 

Educators need to be mindful of the importance of light reading. There is a plethora of evidence that point to the value of free and voluntary reading.

If we adults get to enjoy light reading, then our students deserve free and voluntary reading too.  I have a problem when I hear my students complain they are not allowed to read certain books because they are too easy.  Students should never be restricted to reading books on “their level”.  If you and I had to read only books on our level, we would get pretty tired of reading.  Our students need and deserve variety in reading. The light reading gives us a break from heavy reading.

Come to think of it, I feel refreshed and ready to dive back into my work-related books and journals.

As a school librarian, my job is to provide a wide variety of books for both light reading, and for heavy, “on level” content-area reading.  After all, I am just a school librarian.


2 Responses to “What did YOU read for the holidays?”

  1. Nancy Pratt said

    Never say “just”! 🙂
    Ok, I was fortunate to receive a Kindle from my wonderful husband. I really wanted one, even though I love the smell of books. Anyway, I was wondering how I would react, and if it would assist me in “light” reading, or if I would be just as “out of time” and “out of breath” as I usually am, and not have any time to read.

    WELL, to my delight, and pleasant surprise, I have almost finished Gossamer, by Lois Lowry, and I have also started a Julie Garwood book. I am traveling down to Tucson on Thursday (I live just outside of Phoenix, Arizona) and with the “read aloud” feature, I will be able to finish at least one of these books on the way down!

    I agree with you that light reading is important. I LOVE Lois Lowry, and really think that the next book I get for my Kindle will be her, The Giver, (Not that that is light reading, but you know what I mean.)

    I agree that we do kids a disservice when we say they cannot read what they want to read… Like when programs such as Accelerated Reader are abused by the system. Take away choice from a student, and you really run the risk of extinguishing the love of reading that may be fostered.

    I am glad there are school librarians like you! Your students are lucky to have you!

    Thanks for visiting my new blog.
    Lucky you ! You have a Kindle. I make do with my iPhone eReader. Just downloaded my first (paid) book from Barnes&Noble.
    At first I had my doubts about reading on the iPhone, but it’s surprisingly easy. And I don’t have to carry around any more books.
    And ah, yes, that Lois Lowry is something else! When you read The Giver, have a hanky on hand. It made me cry a bit, at the end.
    And bty, my “Just a librarian” phrase is tongue-in-cheek. 😉

    • Nancy Pratt said

      Yes, I absolutely know your “Just a librarian” phrase is tongue in cheek. It actually makes me smile, because I know what an ironic statement that is. I used to say, well I am “Just a teacher, but…” and then a wise mentor told me to stop saying that because teachers are not “just”, 🙂 and that I was minimizing myself basically by stating that. But the truth is, you are in good company and anybody who is reading your blog would probably know what an ironic statement this is, so no need to clarify. 🙂 It is just fun to visit!

      P.s. I did not know there was an iPhone reader! Fun! But that would mean I would need an iPhone. 🙂 I do love the Kindle. I agree. Any time we can lighten our load, Hallelujah!
      Hi there Nancy, I can’t believe this comment escaped my attention (I get so few comments). If it weren’t for my iphone, I would have invested in a Kindle. Thanks for popping in!

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